Adult Boxing

Boxing training has become very popular in recent years and is enjoyed by both men and women as a great way to workout and keep fit. If you want to train as a boxer just to keep fit or with the possibility of competing in boxing competitions if you wish this is the class for you. You will learn technique, join sparring sessions and do regular strength and conditioning training. There will also be opportunities to enter competitions as soon as our coaches feel you are ready to be matched if this is what you want. No one is forced to spar or to compete.

Bristol Dojo Gym is also the only authorised boxing training centre in Bristol for Ultra White Collar Boxing where we train hundreds of their boxers every year ready for showcase events. We run at least 3 full boxing showcases every year and 3 boxing interclub events.

Standard Class

This is a mixed ability class which is perfect for both beginners as well as more experienced boxers as you will be partnered up with someone on the same level as yourself. Our boxing classes are also part of our MMA program and provide valuable stand up skills for the cage.