Adult Mixed Martial Arts

Our Mixed Martial Arts program is suitable for people of all levels of ability. Some of our best students initially came to us with no knowledge so don’t worry about not knowing enough – the classes are there for you to learn.

At Bristol Dojo we have a fantastic facility for MMA with 50ft Cage Wall sections, 35ft padded combat wall, 55ft heavy kick bag rack , 18ft pro MMA Cage, 18ft steel rope combat ring and 1800sq ft matted training area. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is broken down into four main elements, stand-up arts (striking), wrestling arts, ground fighting arts and conditioning training.

We are also the event team that own and run Meltdown Fighting Championships which is the biggest MMA Showcase in the South West.

Bristol Dojo Gym is also the only authorised MMA training centre in Bristol for Ultra White Collar MMA where we train hundreds of their fighters every year ready for showcase events held at the UWE Exhibition Centre.

Standard Class

Our approach to MMA training is that we have split the required skill sets into their own individual class which means you study it in depth. So you will train your striking in our Boxing and K-1 class and your wrestling and ground fighting in our NoGi/Wrestling class etc. To help you out with this we include a striking class and a grappling class most weeknights. We have also provided a discounted MMA Membership to help with the cost of additional training classes.

When we think you are ready and its what you want we can arrange to include you on the undercard of Meltdown Fighting Championships where we normally get around 1000 spectators.