Adult NoGi, Wrestling & MMA

Submission grappling is a general term for martial arts also known as combat wrestling, submission wrestling or NoGi Bjj. Submission grappling is a competition style that primarily focuses on clinch and ground fighting, forcing an opponent to submit or give up. Its a great stand alone combat style but also forms a very important part of our MMA program.

Submission Grappling recognises the efficiency and importance of ground fighting by employing leg locks, arm locks, chokes and other submission holds to dominate the fight. 

We have had great success on the competition circuit winning Gold at National and World Level. We also have input from coach Saeed Esmaeli who frequently comes in to work with us and sponsors our grappling coach Dylan O’Brien.

Standard Class

While and Gi and NoGi grappling may seem very similar, the way both styles have evolved are very different indeed. In NoGi and Sub Grappling, you look more at taking your opponent’s back because mounting in NoGi has limited submissions, and the back position has the rear naked choke and other options. You will find grapplers using more guillotines and Brabo/Darce chokes as well as using more foot locks.

In this class you will be trained in Freestyle and Greco Wrestling along with NoGi Bjj making this class suitable for Bjj Gi students as well as MMA and wrestlers.