CageFit Circuit Training

You don’t have to be one of our pro fighters to get in shape training like one! Our Cage Fit circuit training classes are great fun, fast paced, high energy workouts that will really burn away fat and help you build agility, stamina and fitness. All workouts are set inside our MMA caged training area and combat ring giving you a feeling of training like a pro fighter.

It’s great for the whole family as you can form your own groups and at your own pace. You and your children can train together as a family group or let your children join with other children and form their own group.

Standard Class

Cage Fit is a complete workout program that is designed to cater to people at all ages and all levels of fitness. Cage Fit will give you a total body workout in just 45 minutes. There are four key elements that are focused on: endurance, strength, power and core and these are split into 10 separate station exercises that you can work through at your own pace.