Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the top 10 most common questions we are asked.
How do I book a Free taster session?

You can book any of our adult or junior sessions to try out at anytime by emailing us at info@bristoldojo.com or give us a call on 0800 7566990.

Do you offer discounts for family members?

At Bristol Dojo we support families who want to train together and realise the costs involved with larger families. We offer a discounted Family Membership for £90 per month which gives unlimited training to 2 parents and 2 of their children. We also offer a discount of around 50% for additional siblings who want to join their brother or sister. Details are on our Membership Page

Do you offer Pay as you Go?

Bristol Dojo is strictly a members only gym. This way we can offer you the most cost effective way to train as much as you want without worrying about the extra cost and our coaches can focus on their main goal of teaching great classes.. Most adult single classes are £10 or more at other similar venues, with us you can have unlimited training for only £12.60 per week so Pay as you go is a much more expensive way to train. Check out our Membership Plans.

What equipment will I need to buy?

Once you decide to join us you will need to purchase your own training equipment ready for your first class as below. We have a fully stocked pro shop at the gym and are always here to advise.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Little Champions
Bjj is the art of controlling your opponent and often uses clothing to do so. Therefore a Gi (uniform) is needed for every class. We maybe able to loan you a Gi for your taster class but you will need to purchase your own Gi before your first session as a member. We hold a range of new Tatami Gi’s at reception.

NoGi Bjj, Wrestling and MMA
For these classes you will need a Rash Guard or Compression Top, Grappling shorts with Spats or compression shorts underneath. For MMA you will also need 7oz MMA Hybrid gloves, MMA shin protection, mouth guard and groin guard. You will need these before your first class and we hold stock at reception if needed.

Boxing and K-1 Kickboxing
For these classes you will need 14-16oz ABA approved Boxing Gloves, mouth guard and groin guard. K-1 students will also need Muay Thai style shin guards. We also advise the use of hand wraps. We can loan some kit for taster sessions but you will need your own before your first class. We hold stock at reception if needed.

Karate Jutsu
For this class you will need a white Karate Gi (uniform) before you start as a full member. You will also need hand protection, mouth guard and leg protection for sparring. We hold stock at reception if needed.

What is the minimum age for students?

We can offer tuition for children starting at age 4. We have tailored a program called Little Champions especially for ages 4-6 years and they on the mats with their parent or family member to help.

Can I train to compete in events?

At Bristol Dojo we have a track record of producing high level competitors in all our combat sports with several of our members achieving European and World level. Whatever area you wish to train in we have a route to getting you to competitive level. Whether you want to be in the UFC or step out at the Bjj World Championships we can get you there if you have the will and determination to do so.

Can I train just for fitness?

90% of our students train as a more fun and interesting way to get fit and stay fit. Nothing can really prepare you for starting to train in combat sports so just take it easy at first and let your body adjust. Within a very short period of time you will feel fitter, stronger and more positive in your life.

I am a complete beginner, HELP?

Everyone of our awesome coaches and students were once a beginner. The saying goes “take that first step and walk in the door”. Most of our classes are mixed ability and you will be partnered up with someone of your own level of fitness and ability. Sometimes we will put you with more experienced students who will then help you out. When you join us you become part of our team, you are one of us. You will be treated with respect and we will help you find your feet. We will push you as we all push each other, that’s what being part of a team does.

So don’t worry about your current fitness level or lack of skill, we can easily sort that. Just take that first step and walk in the door!

I have an old injury or medical condition. Can I still train?

Training in any sport can often lead to strains, pulls and bruises. I always say this is the price you pay for being awesome! But if you have an ongoing injury or illness and want to start training I would always advise you speak to your doctor or medical physician first. Your doctor will want you to be fit and healthy so if possible they will give you the green light to start training. As a combat sports gym we are used to working around injuries so always let your coach know if you are suffering for any form of injury or condition and we can normally find ways of working around this.

How do I cancel my membership contract?

Once you have passed your 3 month minimum period you can cancel at anytime by calling our collection agents DFC Ltd on 01908 422000 and giving 30 days notice. They will sort everything for you so please do not cancel your Direct Debit at your bank without informing DFC as it will be seen as non payment and may incur additional fees.