Junior Karate Jutsu

Karate is a great martial arts for children to learn, it teaches respect and a hard work ethic as well as building confidence and learning how to defend yourself.

Bristol Dojo is home to Imperial Karate Jutsu which was started in 1995. The word Jutsu relates to the practical training of Martial Arts and Karate Jutsu is a complete and very effective combat and self-defence system of punches, throws, kicks, grappling and ground combat. This is how Karate was originally developed and this is how we believe it should be trained.

There are very few places that have the ability to take your Karate through all the phases of combat. If you are looking for Karate with the Kata, strikes, locks, throws and grappling elements still included then this class is for you!

Standard Class

Imperial are unique in having several senior black belts under the guidance of Imperial Chief instructor and former Welsh International fighter Simon O’Brien 7th Dan. Our Senior Instructors have over 40 years experience each and are also British Combat Association accredited and trained.

In this class children will be taught how to kick, punch, throw and control aggressive opponents but also how to be responsible with these skills. this class is open to children aged 7 and over.