Little Champions

Our Little Champions Bjj program at Bristol Dojo is a great parent and child class specifically tailored for children aged 4-6 years. This class is designed to be a gentle and fun introduction to the world of martial arts while building coordination, control, strength and discipline.

From aged 4 we can start to teach your child how to stay safe whilst having fun, and more good news is you can join in too.

This twice weekly class is very popular and must be pre-booked.

Standard Class

For this class each child will need a family member with them on the mats at all times to help with some of the drills and tasks. This has the added benefit that you can practice at home with your child so they will have a much higher understanding and skill level.

We have a formal uniform for this class so their clothes don’t get damaged and they also feel part of the gym. Many of our Little Champions go on to join our Junior Bjj program when they turn 7. In fact our Junior Bjj coach who is now a world level sponsored competitor was our very first Little Champion! Our classes continue all year round and through school holidays to ensure continuity and continued progression.