OK great, so you’re interested in training with us? But before you go any further please read the following Blueprint for Success which describes our approach to coaching and training at Bristol Dojo Gym.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an International level competitor and National team coach is that successful athletes are not born….they are MADE! Even if you have no ambition to compete, you still want to get to a decent level, right? Why else would you start?

…OK lets break this down into the 3 critical elements you need to be a successful athlete or to get to a decent level: 

  1. Frequency of Training: You will never progress or get anywhere near reaching your full potential if you’re not training enough! In Martial Arts this translates to a minimum of two sessions per week for a base level of ability. For higher level you will need to add another one or two sessions of focus work based around your current needs. Please note this is a minimum!
  2. Content & Environment: OK so you’re hitting the mats two or three times a week but are you doing the right type of training for your ability level and goals? If you’re a beginner or your goals are not set on competition, your training will be very different to one of our national level competitors. Also; we are all a product of our environment so positive results need a positive environment. Both of the above only come from a professional gym built around the needs of the student.
  3. The right Coach: The saying goes “You cant beat experience”. Behind every successful athlete is a dedicated coach, someone who understands your individual needs and has the skills and experience to get you where you want to be. In Japanese the word “Sensei” literally means “one who has gone before”. Someone who has been in your shoes and can share that experience with you. Many of our coaches have been National Champions and have coached our students to become National Champions.

At Bristol Dojo we can provide the required content and coaching elements above but the remaining element is down to you. We can’t teach you if you’re not there! So have a think about the commitment you will need to train with us, have a look and try to move your other commitments around so you have the blueprint for success ready to go. We hate to see people fail, but if you don’t have all 3 elements above in place that’s exactly what will happen. I guarantee it!

If you can find the time to commit to your training and you are prepared to work hard for what you want to achieve then we would love to hear from you as you will fit in perfectly with the rest of our awesome members here at Bristol Dojo.

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