Private Tuition

Some people prefer to train 1 to 1 with an instructor, they may have personal goals or cant make it to group classes. Also from time to time existing students need a little extra help to get back on track or a boost to get to the next goal. Private tuition can also help fighters who are building up to an event.

Why would you use a personal trainer or a coach? Isn’t that for pros and wannabe athletes? Not necessarily – the benefits of personal training extend beyond super goal-oriented athletes.

Whether you’re someone who is just starting their fitness journey or a seasoned gym goer/recreational athlete with a solid fitness level, having a personal trainer or a coach can help you meet your fitness goals faster, safer and more effectively– or gain better results or simply learn to enjoy exercise more than you ever thought was possible.

If you’re struggling to get the results you desire, lacking drive and motivation, feel you need to mix up your workout routine or someone to help you push your limits, then a booking a PT session at Bristol Dojo may be just what you need.